All time Classic Kids Tales

All time Classic Kids Tales

Kids Tales is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide underserved youth with the opportunity to learn the craft of writing and publishing via the medium of the short story. Children ages 8 to 12 spend a week in a kids tales workshop planning, writing, and revising their short tales.

The Tale of Jack and Beanstalk

This beautifully drawn board book is the perfect way to introduce your infant or toddler to the timeless tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. When Jack's mom sends him to town to make a quick buck, he exchanges the family cow for a bag of magic beans.

Three Little Pigs

Here's another to add to the collection of board books for young readers who enjoy fairy tales. The timeless story of the three tiny pigs as they brave the outside world will fascinate young readers. They worry their new adventure may not last long when a wolf comes along and picks on each pig in turn.

Princess and Pea

Who would have thought a pea could cause so much trouble? When a princess sleeps with a little vegetable under her mattress, she can't get any shut-eye. Even if she lays on a mountain of beds, she still won't be able to relax. Readers of all ages enjoy this stunningly illustrated version of a famous fairy tale.

Little Golden Book Fairy Tale Favorites

Look no further than the timeless classics collected in Little Golden Books for timeless tales that will be treasured for years to come. The stories from The Twelve Dancing Princesses, The Wild Swans, and The Blue Book of Fairy Tales are collected here.

Sleeping Beauty

Lost in this timeless tale of a princess, a wicked fairy, and a spell that puts a kingdom to sleep is a beautiful opportunity to let yourself go. This retelling of "Sleeping Beauty" is excellent for introducing the classic tale to young readers because of the engaging artwork and accessible prose.


Pinocchio appreciates his life, yet he wishes he could be a real boy. His nose gets larger every time he lies, and he'd prefer a more conventional one. With the guidance of his moral compass, Pinocchio must become good and trustworthy before his desire may come true.

Cinderella: A Nosy Crow Fairy Tale

This timeless narrative of a maid's rise from poverty to wealth is beloved by readers of all ages. This reimagining of Cinderella will win over your heart and steal your imagination with its royal ball, fairy godmother, magic shoes, and midnight curfew.

The Little Mermaid

Prepare to have your cuteness threshold seriously tested. Come along with the Little Mermaid as she save a sailor from drowning, and sacrifices everything to get him back. This charming and vibrant picture book follows a young mermaid as she travels from the depths of the ocean to the heights of a castle.

The Snow White

For almost two centuries, this fairy story has delighted audiences. After evading her furious stepmother, Snow White finds refuge in the woodland with seven dwarfs. This classic has been reimagined as a picture book with fresh, modern artwork for a new generation of readers.