5 Factors That Ensure The Efficiency Of A Pressure Washer

5 Factors That Ensure The Efficiency Of A Pressure Washer

One of the most attractive features of a pressure washer is its efficiency. The more efficient your machine is, the more likely it will help remove the most stubborn stains. Furthermore, combining your machine’s efficiency and adequate pounds per square inch (PSI) will have excellent cleaning outcomes. Several factors influence the machine’s efficiency. Here are the top five.

1. A high GPM for your pressure washer

GPM refers to gallons per minute. The water flow rate goes through your machine’s nozzle each minute. The higher your machine’s GPM, the more efficient your cleaning process will be. Some of the best GPM ranges are between 2.2 and 10.

2. A retractable hose reel

The retractable hose reel ensures time efficiency. It means that you do not need to spend time rolling the hose like traditional machines. The machine has an automatic system that allows the hose to retract to its housing easily.

3. Adequate pressure

There is a general misconception that the higher the pressure you use, the better the cleaning. But, if you use more pressure on some items, you may damage their appearance. Therefore, if you want to ensure efficiency, always use adequate pressure. Pounds per square inch or PSI is responsible for measuring pressure force. Thus, always ensure that your machine has sufficient PSI for your cleaning work.

4. Aluminium-magnesium-zinc alloy cavity make-up of the pressure washer

Some of the best pressure washer manufacturers use aluminium-magnesium-zinc alloy to make the devices. The materials ensure that the machines can bear dragging, dust, debris, and water exposure without easy breakdown. Thus, the materials ensure that the machine can work as efficiently as possible for however long you want to.

5. The cleaning unit

One can measure their machine’s cleaning unit by multiplying the GPM and PSI. The result will give you a good indication of the machine’s cleaning power. You should always go for a high GPM and adequate pressure if you aim for efficiency. However, two pressure washers with different cleaning chops can have the same cleaning unit. But, the one with the highest GPM is more efficient.

6. The total stop system present in the pressure washer

The total stop system ensures your machine’s safety efficiency. The system plays a crucial role in safeguarding your pump from damage. If an operator does not press the trigger, the engine automatically shuts the pump off. Its main purpose is to ensure that the immense force present in the pump does not cause damage. Therefore, the total stop system ensures energy efficiency. The energy efficiency also helps you to reduce your electric bill.

7. Adequate hose length

Some of the best machines present in the market come with an adequate hose length of about 100ft. The hose length ensures that you can sufficiently complete your cleaning or watering chores without the need for extensions. Thus, the length present in your hose can also help with efficiency rates.


The more efficient your pressure washer is, the higher the chances of you enjoying your cleaning processes. As you can observe from above, several factors affect the machine’s efficiency levels. Therefore, ensure to read them carefully if you want an efficient device.